Newsletter #38: April 2017

The Certificate in Professional Irish going from strength to strength

In the autumn of 2016, more students undertook the Certificate in Professional Irish than had done so in any term since the course began with four students in 2012. More than 200 public sector employees attended the Certificate in Professional Irish last autumn, and 18 courses were run in different places around the country.

For the first time last autumn, two new courses were offered: a course at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications, as well as the Preparatory Course for the Certificate in Professional Irish. “It’s great that the Certificate in Professional Irish is now available at four different levels,” says Niamh Ní Chadhla, Gaelchultúr’s Academic Administrator, “and that we have the preparatory course as well. This means that we are able to cater for all public sector learners, from beginners to fluent speakers of the language.”

The blended learning approach, and the flexibility provided as a result of that, is the defining characteristic of the Certificate in Professional Irish. A lot of emphasis is placed on the online element of the course, which is delivered through the company’s e-learning website,, and this gives participants the opportunity to learn in an interactive way outside of the classroom. Employees from more than 50 organisations have attended a Certificate in Professional Irish course to date and classes are taking place at the moment in Athlone, Kildare and Louth, and in various venues in Dublin.

The presentation of the Certificate in Professional Irish in Mayo County Council, September 2016

Courses are run on demand, so an organisation can contact Gaelchultúr at any time of the year should they wish to offer the TGG in their own area. To date, 65% of the organisations that have run a course in-house have asked Gaelchultúr to deliver the course again for a second or third time.

To ensure that the Certificate in Professional Irish is suitable for all organisations, both big and small, different delivery options are available; the course can be run online only, it can be offered over a period of 10 or 20 weeks, and it is also possible for two organisations to run a course together in order to reduce costs.

Several Certificate in Professional Irish award ceremonies will take place during the summer and QQI certificates will be presented to the students who participated in the various levels in the autumn. “I think it’s important to end the Certificate in Professional Irish in a positive and enjoyable way,” says Éamonn Ó Dónaill, Gaelchultúr’s Director of Education, “and to recognise the hard work that the students put into the course. There is always music and refreshments at the award ceremonies and the team at Gaelchultúr love to meet the students and to take the opportunity to speak to them through Irish in a social setting.”

The presentation of the Certificate of Professional Irish in Dublin City Council, November 2016

The TGG will begin again in September in Gaelchultúr, but the course can be run within an organisation at any time. The company is currently carrying out assessments in organisations all over the country.

For more information or to download a digital brochure, please click here.

Contact Michelle Seoighe, Gaelchultúr’s Marketing Executive ( or (01) 484 5225) at any time for more information or to arrange an assessment for yourself or for a colleague.