Newsletter #40: September 2017

Deal of the month

Gaelchultúr is always adding to the ways in which you can learn Irish. We run evening classes, we’ve published various resources for adult learners and we also provide interactive multimedia courses on our e-learning website,

We believe, however, that it isn’t necessary to adhere to just one way of learning Irish. In fact, we believe that it is more effective to use more than one approach, and that it is better to combine the various learning methods that Gaelchultúr has available.

Therefore, we have a very special deal this month for Gaelchultúr’s newsletter readers. If you purchase a copy of Gaelchultúr’s Póstaer Pearsan learning resource, you will get another one free of charge.

To avail of this deal, please click on the following link:

Póstaer Pearsan

• This offer can be redeemed more than once.
• The offer will expire on Saturday, 30 September 2017.