Newsletter #39: July 2017

Eight reasons you should do an online EPV course with Gaelchultúr this summer

The summer holidays are here at last and primary school teachers from all around the country are looking forward to a well-deserved two month break. Though they will be be from their classroom duties, learning will continue for these teachers as they undertake summer EPV courses.

Gaelchultúr’s summer EPV courses have proved very successful since they were first offered on, the company’s e-learning website, in 2009. Eight years later over 6,000 teachers having completed them, a high percentage of whom return again to undertake further courses. Each year participants give valuable feedback about the courses, much of which reveals why courses are so popular. Below are eight of the most common reasons why people take our courses.

Reason # 1: Flexibilty
A big reason teachers cite for completing EPV courses with Gaelchultúr year after year is due to the flexibility they offer. As long as an internet connection is available to you, Gaelchultúr’s courses can be done anywhere in the world. You could complete a course while sitting in a café in Paris, on the beach in Wexford or just at home in your back garden - on a laptop, on a tablet or even on a mobile phone.

Reason # 2: A wide variety of courses available
Gaelchultúr have developed a wide variety of courses in the past number of years to serve the various needs and goals of teachers, from those who are somewhat out of practice in speaking Irish in the classroom, to those who seek grammatical accuracy, to those who are looking for new ideas with regard to lessons, activities and technological resources in the classroom. A big advantage of Gaelchultúr’s courses is that teachers can undertake a sample unit before registering for a course in order to ensure it suits their needs.

Reason # 3: In your own time
If you register for one of Gaelchultúr’s courses you will be able to undertake that course any time between 3 July and 25 August. You can complete the course’s 20 hours over one week, over a number of weeks or over a number of months, depending on which arrangement suits you best.

Reason # 4: Enjoyable courses of a very high standard
It is always Gaelchultúr’s aim to provide learners with courses which are interesting and beneficial at the same time. Gaelchultúr’s EPV courses on are full of clear explanations, engaging, interactive exercises and multimedia material like illustrations, sound files and videos to make the learning process as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible. In the case of many courses, resources which can be used in the classroom are available to download from the website. In addition to all of this, course tutors have years of experience dealing with adult learners and are more than happy to answer any questions which arise.

Reason # 5: New ideas for the classroom
As part of the course you will have a chance to interact with other teachers on the forum, where you will be able to share opinions and exchange ideas for the classroom with them, e.g. suggestions with regard to activities, useful resources.

Reason # 6: User friendly courses
All courses on are set out clearly and simply and so you don’t need any technical expertise in order to complete them. It’s easy to navigate through the courses, to move from screen to screen, to review material and to complete unit exercises. On the off chance you experience any problems, Gaelchultur’s technical staff will be on hand to assist you.

Reason # 7: Value for money
At €69 per course, you will certainly receive value for money. In addition to this, if you purchase two courses you will receive a third free. Undoubtedly the bargain of the summer!

Reason # 8: The chance to earn up to 5 EPV days
As well as adding to your Irish language teaching skills, if you do more than one course with Gaelchultúr you will be able to earn further EPV days. Department rules for online courses stipulate that participants may complete one online course for the awarding of three EPV days, two online courses for four EPV days and three online courses for five EPV days.

In order to earn these EPV days this year, the course(s) must be completed between 3 July 2017 and 25 August 2017.

For more information about a course, to try a sample unit or to book a place, simply click on the relevant title below.

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