Newsletter #19: September 2012

Online courses for primary teachers available during the school year

Around 800 primary school teachers from every corner of Ireland undertook the online EPV courses offered by Gaelchultúr in July and August. This is the fourth year in a row that the company has provided these courses and the feedback was extremely positive again this year (see some of the participants' comments at the bottom of the page).

“We offered eight EPV courses this summer and they proved very popular again,” says Aodh Ó Gallchóir, Gaelchultúr’s Specialised Courses Manager. “The courses are user-friendly and logical. We place a lot of emphasis on interactive learning and teachers seem to like this aspect. They pick up lots of new ideas from the lesson plans and videos contained in the courses and this enables them to introduce fun and interesting activities into their own lessons.”

Many teachers contacted Gaelchultúr saying that they would love to have access to the course material during the school year and the company therefore decided at the end of last summer to give them the opportunity to re-register for courses. These are the courses to which teachers will have access during the school year 2012/2013:

Advanced Course in Accuracy in Irish for Primary School Teachers

Basic Course in Accuracy in Irish for Primary School Teachers

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - Junior and Senior Infants

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 1st and 2nd Class

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 3rd and 4th Class

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 5th and 6th Class

How to Teach Irish Effectively in the Classroom

Irish Language IT Resources for the Classroom

A nine-month subscription to any of the above courses costs €50. Additional information and sample material are available here.

Feedback from some EPV course participants, 2012

• Thank you very much for providing such a useful and enjoyable course that I'm very much looking forward to applying to my teaching of Gaeilge in the coming year. The material was very practical and well explained and it has certainly helped me to feel more confident about teaching Gaeilge in the future. (CD, 2012)

• Even though I've completed the 20 hours, I'll definitely be spending more time revising what I've learnt in this course. It has been the best online course that I've ever done. (AC, 2012)

• This is a great course and I will be recommending it. I think Gaelchultúr as an organisation are brilliant for promoting Irish. I have attended numerous courses in the centre and purchased their Gaeilge gan Stró! book as well so I knew that this course would be of a high standard and good quality. Many thanks. (MOC, 2012)